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Manufacturing Research and Innovation Petition

Petition that urges policymakers to give more political attention to manufacturing and allocate more funding to applied manufacturing research.

The Manufacturing Research and Innovation Petition urges policymakers to give more political attention to manufacturing and allocate more funding to applied manufacturing research.


European manufacturing has been the backbone of European prosperity, providing wealth, security, and comfort to its citizens and workers. Europe's history of technological innovation positions us to reclaim our role as global leaders in producing the most innovative products and systems.


Manufacturing serves as the foundation for addressing and mastering the challenges facing our European continent. It plays a crucial role in creating quality jobs, achieving full circularity in production, overcoming skills shortages, decarbonising transport and energy, adapting to societal changes, and developing defence systems. By prioritising manufacturing, we can effectively tackle these challenges and ensure a prosperous future for Europe.


All these challenges require the European industry to be more resilient regarding technologies, manufacturing capacity and value chains.

Manufacturing and research are not separate entities, but rather two sides of the same coin, both crucial for European progress. Support for manufacturing research is vital at all levels – European, national, and regional – to ensure our competitiveness in technological advancement and global competition.


In Framework Programme 10, a significant part of the activities should be earmarked for manufacturing research, mainly through the Made in Europe Partnership. By doubling the funding and making the process efficient and fast, the aim is to attract industry and deliver faster and better results.

The collaboration and synergies between the Made in Europe Partnership and sector-specific or technology-specific initiatives need to be intensified and well-coordinated. We must gear up our efforts to establish a unified and effective approach to addressing our manufacturing challenges. Recognising the interconnected nature of manufacturing research and product development is crucial.


Let's raise our voices - please sign the petition!




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