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PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub Platform



To foster the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, via the gathering of a critical mass of capacities, the networking of stakeholders and the nurturing of the ecosystem, towards the deployment of added value support services that enables, potentiates and furthers industry modernization.


The PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub Platform has a comprehensive national coverage encompassing the regional dimensions and the relevant stakeholders, and notably comprising Competence Centers and Labs, R&D organizations, Sectoral technology centers, Industry Associations, Production Technology Providers, leading users from the manufacturing industry, SMEs, Start-ups, Education/Training Centers and Incubators/Science parks and civic societies, and the articulation with National and Regional Authorities, Venture Capital organizations and public agencies.

It embodies a one-stop gateway for the provision of support services towards industry digitizing and modernization, via the inter and intra networking of capacities, competencies, intervention capabilities and service offers, linking regional initiatives (e.g. iMan Norte Hub - Norte region's DIH) and stakeholders and further levering cooperation and outreach at European scale. 

It is recognized at national and European level, being part of the EC's DIH catalogue, as a Digital Innovation Hub within the domains of digitalization, manufacturing and production technologies, towards the modernization of the manufacturing industry.


As the gateway for industry digitizing and modernization it gathers a comprehensive set of services, from visioning, strategy development and roadmaping to the deployment of large scale initiatives in R&D and Innovation, from awareness actions to matchmaking (e.g. for maturity assessment, access to specialist expertise and infrastructures, solution deployment, advanced training, mentoring…), from visibility actions (national and international) to priority definition, fostering opportunities (innovation, integrated offers, solutions take-up, deployment and diffusion, cross-fertilization and business) and access to funding and financing.

Additionally, and within the scope of the cluster's encompassed competence centers the service offering includes concept validation and prototyping, R&D, testing and validation, pre-competitive series production, support to new products, systems and production lines development, support to start-ups, awareness raising, dissemination and demonstration of solutions within digitalization and advanced production technologies, education and training within technical, technological and management domains, among others. 


PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub Platform
Edifício AIMMAP, Rua dos Plátanos 197,
4100-414 Porto
tel.: +351 226 166 897


EUHUBS4DATA - European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs is setting up a European federation of Big Data Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), with the ambition of becoming a reference instrument for data-driven cross-border experimentation and innovation, and support the growth of European SMEs and start-ups in a global Data Economy.

PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub is part of the EUHUBS4DATA project under the 1st Open Call for DIH - Digital Innovation Hubs. The integration of the PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub into this network has enabled national companies to access a range of services and funding opportunities, within the framework of calls for tenders for the implementation of innovations that the project has promoted. Participation in online and face-to-face events dedicated to data-related topics, access to the data and service catalogues provided by PRODUTECH DIH and the various European DIHs that are part of the network.

PRODUTECH DIH's participation in the EUHUBS4DATA network and BDVA – Big Data Value Association as i-Space Gold also allows interaction with a wide network of DIHs and participation in European working groups specialising in various data-related areas.

More information on the EUHUBS4DATA project: and DBVA i-Spaces:  BDVA i-Spaces 

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