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Produtech Workshops at EMAF' 2008

In the context of EMAF' 2008, there were two theme workshops which took place on 13 and 14 November, around 9h30 am at Exponor (A3 Auditorium). The workshops were entitled “Intelligent Manufacturing Systems” and “Energy and Environmental Efficiency of Manufacturing Systems”. The aim with the first workshop was to discuss future developments in the area of intelligent manufacturing systems and identify new R&D and innovation opportunities. The aim with the second workshop was to discuss and make companies aware of the benefits of taking a proactive action in order to improve the energy and environmental efficiency of manufacturing systems.

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Public Presentation of PRODUTECH - Production Technologies Pole

The public presentation of PRODUTECH – Production Technologies Pole took place on 12 November, between 10h30 am and 11h30 am, at Exponor (A3 Auditorium, simultaneously with EMAF).

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Founding of the Produtech Association

The public deed for the founding of PRODUTECH – Association for Sustainable Production Technologies took place on 10 October 2008, around 3h30 pm, at the Association’s head Office. The Association already has 62 associates that include companies, business associations and entities within the Portuguese scientific and technological system.

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