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Updating initiatives within the COVID-19

Time is a critical factor for everyone, as well as timely access to increasingly dynamic information. PRODUTECH will maintain in this space the updating of relevant information in the scope of COVID-19. With the increase in the number of cases and the increasingly certain prospects of a new wave of COVID-19, we reinforce the importance of each one´s protection for the good of all. [Date of the last update: 11-09-2020]


 “Não paramos Estamos ON” – government website that gathers the main relevant national information on COVID-19. In addition to the good practices and recommendations of the Health authorities and exceptional COVID-19 measures within the framework of the pandemic, the Deconfinement Plan with general measures and sectorial standards is also presented.

Official documentation related to the pandemic is also available: legislation, forms, communications, as well as frequently asked questions, updated with responses from official entities. Information news about the simplified lay-off is also available. >> More information.

- [New] eportugal - Portal on how public services operate during the pandemic. With a specific area for companies and businesses, with information and support for entrepreneurs, investors and workers in the European Union. >> More information.

- [New] StayAway Covid - Application of the fight against the pandemic, developed by INESC TEC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science in partnership with other entities. This app allows the identification of potential exposures to infected people. >> More information.

- PEES - Economic and Social Stabilisation Programme – is available on the website “Não paramos Estamos ON”, with relevant information on business support. The Macroeconomic scenario 2020 and 2021 is available together. >>More information.

- COVINDEX – Project directory under COVID-19. Information on 160 projects related to COVID-19 mitigation. >> More information.

- Tech4COVID19 - Technological community fights COVID-19, with more than 5000 people from different areas, such as: engineers, scientists, designers, marketers, health professionals, among many others. Together they aim at uniting Portuguese talent in the development of technological solutions that help the population to overcome the challenges of COVID-19. They have ongoing projects in several areas, such as support to health and hospital material professionals; health and education services; business and leisure. >> More information.

- DGS- Direção Geral de Saúde – has on the site the possibility for institutions, companies or individual citizens to collaborate with the SNS – National Health Service, contributing with equipment, services or other support. It is also available the possibility to integrate the national catalogue of Personal Protection Equipment. On July 24th, the Standard (nº 015/2020 of 24/07/2020) on contact tracing was published. This document resents the definition of contact, heigh and low risk exposure and the approach flow according to the classification. >> More information.

- Science4COVID-19 - portal presenting the different research initiatives underway by policy area, as well as opportunities for national and European funding. >> More information.

- A ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação (National Innovation Agency), provides a space in its website to collect and disseminate information on solutions and technologies developed by companies and entities of the national scientific and technological system, to respond to the COVID-19 negative impacts. >> More information.

- IAPMEI - Instituto de Apoio às Pequenas e Médias Empresas e à Inovação (Institute for Support to Small and Mediem-sized Enterprises and Innovation) – makes available on the website the main support measures for enterprises in the scope of the pandemic. These include measures to support the continuity of activity and employment, namely the regulation of the extraordinary incentive for the standardisation of business activity, as well as the new rules of the simplified Lay-off. >> More information.

- European recovery plan – outlines the main measures to help repair the economic and social data caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It identifies the 2 main strands of activities for the coming years, the main instruments to support Europe's recovery plan, funding and relevant documents. >> More information.

- COVID-19 Data Portal – European portal to facilitate the sharing and analysis of data and tools in order to accelerate the investigation of coronavirus. >> More information.

- European Parliament – The EU response to coronavirus – European portal Portal with the latest news on the EU’s coordinated response to the coronavirus outbreak. >> More information.


- Low-Energy Computing for Cyber-Physical Systems – Smart4all OPEN CALL

Closing date: 30-09-2020 >> More information.

- COVID-19 Economic support Line – Micro and Small Enterprises, to support the recovery of micro and small businesses affected by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. >> More information.


- What are the impacts of COVID-19 on companies?

Institutional Author: Banco de Portugal |Published in: May 2020, (permanently updated). >> More information.

- Short-term indicators – COVID

Institutional Author: GEE – Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos – Ministério da Economia |Published: May 2020 (permanently updates) >> More information.

- Africa’s digital solutions to tackle COVID-19

Institutional author: BearningPoint and European Investment Bank | Published: july 2020 >> More information.

Artificial intelligence and digital transformation – Early lessons from the COVID-19 crisis

Institutional Author: European Union |Published: July 2020 >> More information.

-  [New] Situation updates on COVID-19 – European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control – It presents statistical data from the various countries of the European Union, updated frequently, as well as global data from other countries. >> More information.

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