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PRODUTECH integrates EUHUBS4DATA's extended network of DIHs

The PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub was one of the DIHs selected to join the EUHUBS4DATA Network.

EUHUBS4DATA - European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs, aims to build an European federation of Innovation Hubs, active in the fields of Data Science.  It establishes a network of capabilities, skills and data services, connecting R&D and innovation support centres, incubators and data platforms, SME networks, training communities, training services and open data repositories. It aims to establish an integrated ecosystem to stimulate greater participation of SMEs and Start-Ups in the data economy by providing easy cross-border access to computing capabilities and services, facilitating data sharing and supporting them with the skills, tools and support services made available by the Innovation Hubs of the network. This support will enable the development of innovative solutions and new business models based on the economic valuation of data, according to the users' needs, thus improving their digital competitiveness, as well as the satisfaction of the end users.


The integration of the PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub in this network will allow national companies to access a set of services and funding opportunities, within the framework of competitions for the implementation of innovations that the project will launch.

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