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Production Technologies Sector presents the Innovation Pact for Reindustrialisation

PRODUTECH and AIMMAP promoted, on 30 September, the presentation of an ambitious proposal for a Mobilising Agenda for the Production Technologies Sector for Reindustrialisation. It is constituted in an Innovation Pact based on a strong entrepreneurial leadership. Its lead promoter is the company COLEP Packaging Portugal S.A., and brings together a critical mass of companies from the Production Technologies Sector and the main sectors of national industry and entities from the national scientific and technological system, bringing together 101 companies and organisations and an investment of 214 million euros, of which 131 million euros are allocated exclusively for R&D and innovation.

Under the Recovery and Resilience Plan, under Notice No. 01/C05-i01/2021, PRODUTECH and AIMMAP promoted the presentation on September 30 an ambitious investment proposal for a Mobilizing Agenda of the Production Technologies Sector for Reindustrialization.


Called PRODUTECH R3 - Recovery-Resilience-Reindustrialisation, this agenda proposes to develop a set of structuring investments that aim to contribute to changing the specialisation profile of the Production Technologies Sector and its contribution to the national economy, increasing exports, investment in R&D and the economic value of innovation. It constitutes an Innovation Pact that aims to promote resilience, smart growth, climate transition and digital transformation of national industry,

contemplating interventions at the level of R&D and innovation, productive investment, qualification and internationalisation of organisations, training of human resources and its wide dissemination, promoting knock-on effects to the national industry as a whole.


The Innovation Pact presented is an integral part of the Production Technologies Action Plan, a comprehensive and integrated strategy, with initiatives aimed at other investment and incentive programmes. Its overall implementation is expected to leverage, within the framework of Portugal 2030 and other measures in the Recovery and Resilience Plan, more than 500 million euros of complementary business investment.  


Due to its transversality to the manufacturing industry and its contribution to innovation via the transfer of technology and know-how to the various industrial sectors, the Production Technologies Sector has a key position and an enormous potential to impact the national economy in a positive and structuring way,

This Innovation Pact will be an important contribution to the recovery, resilience and reindustrialisation of the National Economy.

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