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Evaluation Session of Mobilizing Projects PRODUTECH-PSI and PRODUTECH-PTI

On march 18th, it was held the Final Evaluation Session of Mobilizing Projects PRODUTECH PSI and PRODUTECH PTI, organized by ANI – the National Innovation Agency - and the consortia.

With an audience of over 80 participants, and the presence of representatives of the ANI, the event included the presentation of the developments, achieved results, impacts and its respective evaluation.

Within the project PRODUTECH PTI - New Processes and Innovative Technologies for the Production Technologies Industry, the presentations were centered on the project’s constituent topics:

- Business models and support tools

- Advanced tools for the development of new products, systems and services

- Peripheral systems and applications for flexible and mobile robotics

On the other side, within the project PRODUTECH PSI - New Products and Services for the Manufacturing Industry, the focus was on:

- Intelligent production systems

- Flexible and efficient production systems

- Operations management and logistics for customized products

- Networked production systems

- Energetic and environmental efficiency of production systems

Coordinated by CATIM, the umbrella projects PRODUTECH PSI (n.º 13849) and PRODUTECH PTI (nº 13851) have involved a global consortium of 42 partners, suppliers of production technologies, industrial end-users and R&D organizations. With a global budget of 12 Million, the projects have been partly funded by the Incentive System for Technology Research and Development in Companies (SI I&DT), under the Competitive Factors Thematic Operational Programme, of the Portuguese National Strategic Reference Framework, and EU's European Regional Development Fund.

More information about the umbrella projects PRODUTECH PSI and PRODUTECH PTI:

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