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CLAMTEX project seeks for Expert(s) Trainers in several areas

The CLAMTEX project, that PRODUTECH is a partner, has until October 28th, 2020, a tender for recruitment of expert(s) in several areas.

CLAMTEX – Cluster Management Towards Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing and Textile Industry, has as it main objective to strengthen the management excellence of the participating European Clusters to foster their specialised innovation ecosystem, enabling cross-sectorial and cross-regional collaboration for digitalization.


This project provides training for the 5 project clusters: AEI TÉXTILES, ATEVAL, CITEVE, EMC2 and PRODUTECH in knowledge and tools to overcome the weaknesses of cluster management and the inter-sectorial opportunities identifies within the project. To this end, a tender for expert trainers has been launched to enable the development of these skills to the project partners. >> More information.

The CLAMTEX project is co-financed by the European Union COSME programme under grant agreement Nº 872862.

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