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The DIH2 project establishes a network of 26 Digital Innovation Hubs with the objective to trigger incremental and disruptive innovation processes in industrial companies, supporting SMEs in their agile production challenges and promoting challenges and promoting their digitalization through more cost efficient robotic solutions for small batch productions. 


DIH; Digital Innovation Hub; Robotics; Automation; Advanced production technologies; Support for SMEs; Financing


In its development DIH2 project brings together an international consortium of 37 partners from 27 European countries and is structured around 6 nuclear activities:

1 – Setting up the DIH2 Marketplace

This activity aims to develop and establish the platform to support the operation of the network and the provision of central services that will be promoted by members of the network.

2 – Setting up the DIH2 Network

This activity aims at defining the common approach to the market and the procedures to be followed in the provision of inter-regional services.

3 – DIH2 Scouting program

This activity has the ability to identify and select pilots and innovative experiences with the potential to become open standards for agile production, with the launch of competitions to identify and support the definition of 260 inter-regional pilots from which 26 will be selected for development.

4 – DIH2 Technology Transfer Program

This activity aims to support the development of 26 selected pilots over 8 months of development. Each pilot will be supported by 2 Digital Innovation Hubs.

5 – DIH2 Scale-up program

This activity aims to support the expansion of the pilots by supporting the connection with industrial companies interested in the solutions developed and/or in the access to private investments that support the commercialization of the solutions.

6 – DIH2 Network Sustainability

This activity, as its name indicates, focuses on laying the foundations for the sustainability of the network after the execution of the project and its consolidation as a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs in robotics for agile production.

The project thus embodies the affirmation of the PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub National Platform, at European level, by the integration in this European network, as well as expanding the Digital Innovation Hubs' activities, promoted by PRODUTECH (and here also including the iMan Norte Hub) in the support to the Industry, creating the basis for the provision of higher added value services, for the access to complementary skills and markets, and for its future sustainability.




DIH² is co-financed by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement Nr. 824964 

Horizon 2020 – Innovation Action [Horizon 2020-UE] 

PROJECT NR.: 824964
START DATE: 01/01/2019
DURATION: 48 Months
INVESTMENT: 16.834.085 Euros
FOUNDING: 15.999.943 Euros
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