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The Association

PRODUTECH – Production Technologies Association is the promoter and manager of the Production Technologies Cluster.

This Association aims to implement collective efficiency strategies and initiatives that promote the competitiveness, growth and development of manufacturing technology companies in a structured way.

The Association promotes initiatives that boost the companies’ internationalization, innovation and qualification processes. It aims at promoting and exploiting the emergence of agglomeration economies through cooperation and networking between manufacturing technology companies and other relevant stakeholders, such as companies from customer sectors or organizations from the National Science and Technology System.


  • Promoting and supporting initiatives and projects that value and expand the cooperation between manufacturing technology companies and other relevant entities and stakeholders;
  • Promoting the image and valorization of manufacturing technology companies and industry;
  • Promoting research, development, innovation and a constant exchange of ideas, experiences and projects with the abovementioned companies and sectors;
  • Establishing privileged contacts with higher education institutions, research units, interface R&D institutions, technology centers and other public and private entities, as well as with other similar national or international institutions;
  • Providing services to associates and other contributing entities, creating and administrating funds on their behalf;
  • Disseminating and discussing relevant topics by promoting conferences and workshops, as well as publishing documents and studies not only for the associates, but also for the general public;
  • Cooperating with public authorities and other associations in order to carry out joint initiatives;
  • Fulfilling the necessary and adequate responsibilities in order to pursue the Association’s aims.


General Assembly

President: Pedro Nunes de Almeida (ANEME)

Vice-President: José Fernando Coutinho Sampaio  (INEGI)

Secretary: José Luís Gomes Oliveira  (COLEP)


Board of Directors

President: Fernando Manuel Fernandes de Sousa (CEI)


Manuel Pedro Tomé de Aguiar Quintas (TEGOPI)

José António Abrantes Soares de Almeida (ARSOPI)

António Sousa Ribeiro (SISTRADE)

Paulo Alexandre Pinto de Sousa (SONAE Indústria)

José Manuel Mendonça (Forum Manufuture Portugal) 

Rafael da Silva Campos Pereira (AIMMAP)

Hildebrando António Coutinho Vasconcelos (CATIM)

Joaquim Leandro de Melo (RECET)


    Supervisory Board

    President: António Afonso Lasso de la Vega Cardoso Pinto (ADIRA)


    Pedro Manuel de Pina Tinoco Fraga  (ANETIE)

    Gonçalo Cristóvão Aranha da Gama Lobo Xavier (AIDUST)