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PRODUTECH – Production Technologies Cluster - is an initiative promoted by the Portuguese Industry of Manufacturing Technologies. This Cluster comprises companies that are capable of addressing competitiveness and sustainability challenges by delivering innovative, flexible, integrated and competitive solutions in response to the manufacturing industry’s needs. PRODUTECH embodies collective efficiency strategies aimed at innovating, qualifying and modernizing the developers and users of manufacturing technologies. As a key partner in several projects, PRODUTECH promotes initiatives and actions fostering the international competitiveness of the Portuguese economy, and boosts the cooperation between companies and other relevant stakeholders in a structured way.


PRODUTECH’s mission is to promote the sustainable development and internationalization of the Portuguese industry of manufacturing technologies – such as providers of capital goods, machine-tools, industrial equipment and systems, system integrators, software houses and developers of industry-oriented computer applications, engineering and consultancy companies – in close collaboration with key sectors of the manufacturing industry, the Portuguese Science and Technology System (SCT) and other stakeholders.



The PRODUTECH Action Plan focuses on three main areas – Cooperation, Innovation and Internationalization. The following priorities were set for each of these areas:

1. COOPERATION – This is the corner stone of the initiative and it includes:

- New forms of cooperation between technology providers, aiming at delivering integrated and high added value products and services. Cooperation is also extended to domains, such as internationalization, education and training.

- Cooperation between manufacturing technology companies and client industries. The aim is to design and develop new products and services in response to the challenges induced by the transformation process that is currently in course in the manufacturing industry, in Europe and worldwide.

- Cooperation between companies and science and technology organizations, research centers and other institutions of the Portuguese Science and Technology System, ensuring the deployment of key technologies and the convergence of knowledge towards the emergence of new products/services and skilled human resources that respond to the economy’s development needs.


2. INNOVATION – The Action Plan promotes innovation by boosting an integrated set of projects and actions aimed at ensuring solid and sustainable competitive advantages for the medium term, while responding at the same time to short-term needs by making a better use of existing information from:

- very short-term projects, including actions to align and integrate current products, services and solutions from different providers and thus deliver more complete and complex solutions (higher added value).

- short-term projects aiming at transferring and adapting current technologies to other industrial sectors, and taking these innovations to other sectors as well.

- medium-term projects with applied R&D towards the development of new solutions.

- Long-term projects where the aim is to develop and adapt emerging technologies (e.g. nanotechnology applications).


3. INTERNATIONALIZATION – This priority encompasses several dimensions:

- The internationalization of businesses and companies’ activities, for instance, fostering a wider and deeper market penetration at an international level.

- The internationalization of cooperation networks by promoting, for instance, the identification of potential partners in order to create and expand international strategic partnerships.

- The internationalization of technology and knowledge sources through the participation in international R&D networks and projects, as well as via technology transfer and cooperation with key international organizations.


- The Portuguese Manufacturing Technology sector is improved by (1) designing, developing, producing and selling new, technologically advanced and higher added value products and services in national and international markets,  (2) by promoting the growth of existing companies and (3) creating new ones;

- Competitiveness and added value increase for enterprises and end-users boosted by the use of new manufacturing technologies;

- The balance of payments is improved by reducing technology imports and increasing exports;

- R&D levels, performance and efficiency are improved by increasing not only the private sector’s expenditure in R&D, but also its ability to extract value from such investments.

- The collaboration between companies and the Portuguese Science and Technology System is strengthened by promoting partnerships and networks;

- Industry participation in national and international R&D projects becomes more dynamic;

- The ability to participate and influence international forums is increased, particularly with working groups, technology platforms and standardization committees;

- Portugal’s image is renewed and the country will be known as a provider of innovative and high added value technology.

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